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Spectacles in Weybridge and Surrey with Designer Frames

Graham Johnson Optician Ltd offers a stunning range of spectacles individually tailored to the personal prescriptions of patients from Cobham, Esher, Weybridge and Surrey. Our opticians create all products to the highest standards including the latest designer frames, many of which are supplied by global brand names synonymous with style and elegance.

Because our practice has a dedicated optical goods retail section, our Cobham, Esher and Weybridge clients have immediate access to a full and desirable product range.

Light-Sensitive Sunglasses – After undertaking eye examinations, we provide you with a detailed prescription and offer you a choice of single-vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses. Our opticians also produce sunglasses and spectacles using photochromatic lenses with a delicate indoor tint and the sensitivity to darken when subjected to direct sunlight.

The fast reaction times of photochromatic lenses make them comfortable and convenient to wear. We tailor new sunglasses or spectacles around the lifestyles and activities of our Cobham, Esher and Weybridge patients, which makes them perfect for sporting use and outdoor activities. We even help you choose from our stylish range of designer frames.

Spectacle Lenses (Hi-Index) – Graham Johnson Optician Ltd creates spectacles using hi-index materials that are thin, light and designed to look great. These materials are perfect for high-power prescriptions, and ensure you’ll never have to worry about thicker, unsightly lenses that compromise your personal style – an important consideration for many clients.

Spectacle Lenses (Varifocal) – Varifocal lenses enjoy rising popularity because of the gradual changes in optical performance they produce. This performance ensures wearers experience no disconcerting jumps between close-range and long-distance vision whilst maintaining great medium-range focus. Spectacles with varifocal lenses are available with exciting designer frames for our Cobham, Esher, Weybridge and Surrey patients.

Lens Coatings – The addition of scratch-resistant coatings preserves lens life and fights against the demands of everyday use. Anti-reflective coatings eliminate light reflection on the surface of your spectacles, a benefit that not only makes the user experience better, but which also reduces oncoming headlight glare whilst driving at night for optimal safety.

VDU Lenses – For those who spend significant amounts of time working on computers, VDU lenses are perfect for reducing the strain associated with close-range use. Employees may be entitled to testing and prescriptions under current European legislation and we invite enquiries from local businesses in Cobham, Esher and Weybridge regarding our spectacles.

The Wimbledon Range – Today, there’s no excuse for looking anything less than your best and at Graham Johnson Optician Ltd, we have an outstanding collection of designer frames available in many different colours and styles. Enhance your appearance, see better and ensure that you always step out looking great with our selection of quality products.

The Wimbledon brand, one of our premium choices in designer frames for Cobham, Esher and Weybridge wearers, is renowned for quality, durability and performance. We continually update our designer frames to include all of the latest Wimbledon products.

Accessories – Graham Johnson Optician Ltd sells a complete range of ancillary products to supplement our spectacles including cleaning solutions. Please ask our opticians about the exciting accessory selections in our sizeable optical goods retail collection.

To discuss spectacles and designer frames with reputable opticians for Cobham, Esher and Weybridge, contact Graham Johnson Optician Ltd on 01932 231470.

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